Traditional Thai Massage

Thai Massage incorporates the use of the massage therapist’s palms, fingers, elbows, knees and feet to provide acupressure to the body’s ten major energy meridians. This technique is designed to release blocked energy and promote relaxation through stretching and passive joint movement. Thai massage can restore the flow of positive energy and provide relief for strained or tightened muscles.

Benefits of Thai massage

  • reduce stress

  • improve circulation

  • increase energy level

  • detoxification

Neck & Shoulders Massage

This massage is perfect for the worn-out workaholic. This treatment focuses on the neck, shoulders, upper back and hands using acupressure points to relieve inflammation in the joints and muscles. Massage pumps oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs, improving circulation, helps reduces spasms , pain and cramping, relieves migraine pain. It is great tool to help muscle regain full function.

Foot massage

We work with understanding that all areas of the body have corresponding points in the feet, this therapy uses gentle pressure applied to carefully selected reflex points in the feet to unlock tension and stress. This massage will stimulate circulation, relieve stress, promote overall relaxation, and release energy throughout your entire body.

Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy is Combine touch with alluring scents. A blended synergy of warm oils from special candles that are made from Soya are released over the body and accompanied by hot towels infused with essential oils to relieve tired and achy muscles. Aromatherapy helping( zwalczac bezsennosc) to combat insomnia, remove anxiety throughout the body and reduces stress. Providing balance and purification for a deep cleanse.

Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage uses smooth, volcanic basalt stones which are then heated with a warm water or hot steam bath. The hot massage stones vary in sizes and shapes so they will fit better onto the various chakras or energy points of the body. As the heat of the hot stone is placed onto the body, and coupled with long, firm massage strokes, the client can almost immediately feel warmth, calmness and relaxation seeping through the body. The heat from the stones help to sooth nerves, relax muscles and body and lull the mind to a gentle serenity.

Body Scrub Massage

Mineral rich Dead Sea salt is beneficial in many ways, combined with relaxing aromatic essential oils and Thai herbs to help massage away dry skin, exfoliate, draw out impurities The mineral helps reduce inflammation and removes toxins, gives the skin a glows, relaxes the muscles and improve circulation.

Body firming massage

A special massage designed to treat cellulite. Massage causes temporary tissue pressure. As a result, the lymph carries toxins into the venous circulation system and they are naturally flushed out of the body. Massage stimulates lipolysis and microcirculation and causes a slimming effect, leaving the body firmer, slimmer and healthier.

Traditional Thai Special massage

We have combined some of our favorites together to give you the package of your dreams. This will take about 1.5 hours. This service includes the sauna, a full body scrub, full body massage, and full facial. The goal of this type of massage is to let you drift away and feel good.

Foot Spa Massage

A treatment that fits into busy schedule, revitalize your body, mind and soul with relaxing, therapeutic invigorating worm pool , foot scrub and foot massage This massage focuses on the “reflex zones” of the feet through systematic pressure on these zones, healing effects can be triggered throughout your entire body. A natural way of stimulating the internal organs, increasing circulation and restoring healthy function. Very relaxing.